The 6 best on-the-go snacks for CDL-A drivers this summer

Tupperware with meals and snacks

It can be tough being on the road and wanting something to munch on that will quiet your rumbling tummy but also be easy to grab and healthy, too. We’ve done research on the most efficient, nutritious, and tasty snacks for CDL-A drivers this summer. Here are the top six snacks to keep in your cab.

Fresh fruit/vegetables

Summer is prime time for most fresh produce, making it the perfect time to grab it for an easy, on-the-go snack. Bananas, oranges, apples, peaches, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers are readily available at most grocery stores, leave little to no mess, and help you get nutrients essential to a balanced diet.


While incorporating fresh produce into your diet is important, getting healthy sources of protein is just as essential. The best way to include more protein in your diet while also being totally snackable? Jerky!. It usually comes prepackaged in a resealable bag, and you don’t have to worry about a quickly approaching expiration date. You’re sure to find a flavor that suits your palate from beef to turkey, elk, and even buffalo.

Tuna packs

If you try to avoid more traditional forms of meat, tuna is an alternative way to increase your diet’s protein and even provide essential omega-three fatty acids. Tuna pouches simplify the eating process and make it a great snack option. These don’t require refrigeration and stay fresh for a while like jerky. Enjoy a lemon pepper, ranch, honey BBQ, or Thai Chili style flavor pouch, and expect to feel fulfilled until your next meal!

Mixed nuts

If we were ranking these, mixed nuts just might go at the top of our list. Easy to snack on, healthy, and available at most gas stations/grocery stores, these are ideal for snacking. Some mixed nuts packages even come with dried cranberries, raisins, and chocolate to balance out the flavor palate. If you prefer a more intense flavoring, some packages are seasoned to taste like buffalo sauce, ranch, or honey mustard.

Granola bars

Like mixed nuts, this food was basically made for snacking. They come prepackaged in groups of two to solve any troubles of portion control and are an easy way to get your daily serving of oats, which are packed full of heart-healthy vitamins and aid in regulating your central nervous system.


While we know this one can skew to the unhealthy side if you’re not careful, there are a lot of great options for popcorn as an on-the-road snack! You can buy it pre-popped, flavored anything from white cheddar to kettle corn and save the effort of popping it yourself. But, if you’re really craving a warm snack, a freshly popped bag of popcorn is the way to go! To make it healthier, skip the butter and top it with some flavoring powder.

The next step in fueling up for a good summer? Partnering with a carrier that cares about your success! Connect with us today to learn more about our driving opportunities.

Victorious in Christ: Sitting down with Freymiller’s Pastor Olen Thompson

Pastor Reading a Bible

At Freymiller, we are committed to giving our drivers full access to the resources and support they need to grow and nurture their spiritual lives. One of the ways we do this is by having a ministry team and pastor on staff. We sat down with Pastor Olen Thompson to learn more about his spiritual journey and his role at Freymiller.

Pastor Olen was a truck driver running routes through Harrisburg, Pa., when he visited a Transport for Christ chapel – in a used semi-trailer – and was saved 30 years ago. He partnered with Freymiller over 15 years ago, when CEO David Freymiller let him use their headquarters in Oklahoma as a base for his own semi-trailer-chapel conversion.

He used the converted semi-trailer to bring the word of God to CDL-A drivers in truck stop parking lots before transitioning as the full-time chaplain at Freymiller’s headquarters. His day-to-day consists of “everything that your normal, everyday pastor does,” he said. From weddings to funerals to supporting drivers and their families through personal crises, Pastor Olen is a helping hand and sympathetic ear to those who need it.

While Pastor Olen connects with drivers on campus through one-on-one meetings and even by encountering drivers in need of prayer as he walks around the parking lot, his ministry team also has a website. It serves as a comprehensive resource for those wanting to know more about ministry at Freymiller and how they can get involved. A new scripture is posted each day, along with church news, upcoming events, the ability to submit a prayer request, and recordings of Pastor Olen’s sermons.

The sermons are given in person every Sunday at 9 a.m. and cover a wide range of topics. While they’re usually brief in length so that drivers and diesel mechanics alike can fit them into their busy schedules, Pastor Olen’s door is always open to those seeking guidance and support.

“People are searching for answers to life’s problems, and I can point them to what the word of God says about it,” Pastor Olen said. “People come in wanting prayer, and direction for themselves and their families; they want someone to go with them and support them, to ease their worries.”

Pastor Olen creates personal relationships with the drivers and their families and does whatever he can to show them the love of Christ. “One morning, I had a guy call me; his brother was in the hospital in Charleston, S.C., and he didn’t know what to do,” Pastor Olen said. “I walked next door and got in touch with the right people to help get him home.”

He and his team keep in touch with drivers throughout the years, offering them consistent support wherever their professional driving careers take them. He provides drivers with free Bibles, and Bible studies specific to whatever challenges they’re facing. And when he found himself facing his own personal challenge, he said the Freymiller family was there to support him.

“Five years ago, I went into the hospital for stints, and within a couple of days, the outlook wasn’t looking good,” he said. “Freymiller stood with me through the whole thing. David Freymiller told me: ‘If there’s anything you need, let me know.’ You couldn’t ask for a better group of people than the Freymiller family.”

Your faith should always come first. Feel like your carrier isn’t prioritizing your spiritual journey? Connect with Freymiller today.

The 6 top scenic routes for CDL-A drivers this summer

Beach on a sunny day

One of the most exciting parts about being behind the wheel for a living is all the beautiful places across our country you get to drive through – and get paid for it! At Freymiller, we want you to take advantage of this opportunity whenever possible! Here are six scenic routes for you to take this summer.

Pacific Coast Highway

Located along the California coastline, this highway is full of stunning vistas and once-in-a-lifetime scenery. This scenic route takes you by Venice Beach, Bixby Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, and Glass Beach, just to name a few. And while the famously giant Redwoods may not be big enough to fit your rig through, you will surely be blown away by their size and beauty.

The Swiss Alps

OK, it’s technically the Swiss Alps of Texas, but the views are still unbeatable! This scenic loop incorporates Highways 337, 187, and 470. From picturesque, rolling hills that slope up and down in a mesmerizing pattern to magnificent canyons and rushing rivers, this scenic route will have you believing that everything really is bigger (and better!) in Texas!

I-10 and 1-40

I-10 is best known for its connection between Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, but it ranges all the way to Jacksonville, Florida, and offers some of the most unique views across the southern U.S. (and the stretch from Arizona to Florida is the only U.S. highway that can boost snow-free conditions 365 days a year!) If your travels take you farther north, I-40 offers equally stunning scenery and winds through some of the country’s grandest mountain ranges, including the Appalachians and Rockies.

Trail Ridge Road

Want even more of the Rockies than I-40 offers? Take a turn onto Trail Ridge Road in Colorado. For 48 miles, enjoy the route aptly nicknamed “Highway to the Sky” where you’ll climb 4,000 feet above Rocky Mountain National Park’s tree line getting you unimaginably breathtaking views!

San Juan Skyway in Colorado

Colorado does not lack uniquely stunning roads and highways. San Juan Skyway gets you not just these views, but also the feeling of moving through time. As a 223-mile loop that winds through Pueblo Native American ruins and the modern Telluride mountains, you’ll move from the past into the present all while taking in magnificent views.

Blue Ridge Parkway

For any of your routes in the Carolinas, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a must-see. The flora and fauna of the highway will surprise with how many shades of green there really are! The Linn Cove Viaduct also sits along this route, a 1,243-foot-long bridge that wraps around Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

Now that you have your scenic route for this summer, it’s time to plan your path to a long-term, rewarding truck driving career. Connect with us today to learn more about our career opportunities!

Strengthen your faith on the road

Hands in prayer

Have you been searching for ways to strengthen your faith and support your journey with God while on the road? Freymiller wants our drivers to get the resources they need to walk the path God has made for them. We’ve researched the top four ways CDL-A drivers can grow their faith in OTR.

Many faith-based communities are created specifically for professional drivers to connect and support one another in their faith journey (and their driving journey!) Getting involved with one of these groups is an essential way to maintain your faith while OTR. The Association of Christian Truckers, led by pastor Phil Derstine, works to reach CDL-A drivers across America, sharing the love of God and the good news of the gospel with them.

TFC Global is another organization that understand the specific challenges you may be facing. With a commitment to getting CDL-A drivers and their families the care they need and deserve; this is a great group to get connected with. They have a 24/7, fully confidential prayer line for professional drivers to call at any time. From feelings of isolation in being away from your family to concerns over your safety with so much of your time being spent on U.S. roads and highways, both groups are full of fellow truck drivers ready to rally around you and lift you up.

Podcasts/worship stations
With so much of our world being digital, professional drivers have an advantage in keeping their faith strong while they’re away from home. Podcasts offer the opportunity to be engaged with online devotionals and even sermons. Three of the top faith-based podcasts for truck drivers include Bible Project with pastor Tim Mackie and writer Jon Collins, Fight Hustle, End Hurry with pastor Jon Mark Comer and author Jefferson Bethke, and Pray the Word with author-pastor David Platt. All of these provide listeners with scripture, reflection, and prayer.

Music can be extremely powerful in maintaining your faith journey. Simply tuning into a Christian radio station can provide you with comfort and strength while you’re behind the wheel. Most faith-based radio stations not only play encouraging worship music, but also share stories of faith, resilience, and joy, upping your mood and strengthening your faith at the same time. K-Love and Christian Radio rank as the top two faith-based radio stations.

Live-streamed services
If you already have a home church that you’re committed to, and maybe even your family is continuing to attend while you’re OTR, it’s worth looking into if they live-stream their Sunday services. Many churches transitioned to virtual church during the COVID-19 pandemic and have maintained streaming services to reach a wider group of people. If your home church offers this flexibility, you’ll be able to listen to the same worship songs and sermons as your loved ones, bringing you closer to them and God all at once!

If this isn’t an option for you, no worries. Here are some websites that provide access to live-streamed services. Paul Washer, a renowned Christian evangelist, has a website called Heart Cry that features his most popular sermons and teachings. Internationally syndicated pastor John MacArthur’s Grace to You’s website gets you connected with Biblical expositions and dives deeper into topical studies.

Faith-based books
Another great way to strengthen your faith while OTR is to get immersed in a faith-based book. Whether it be a story of someone else’s faith journey, a devotional, or a research novel on Biblical topics, you’ll be able to grow closer to God and nurture your faith. A quick Amazon search reveals the best sellers in the Christian faith: “A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness” by Gene Edwards, “Know What You Believe” by Paul E. Little, and “Healing Structures” by Kenneth E. Hagin. The top devotional right now is “The Awe of God: The Astounding Way a Healthy Fear of God Transforms Your Life” by John Bevere. Any of these books, or any others on the best sellers list, are sure to strengthen your faith.

Freymiller drivers get behind the wheel knowing that their faith is our top concern. Want a carrier that will support your faith journey while you’re OTR? Connect with us today.

The trucker’s ultimate guide to staying safe on the road

Highway at dawn in between mountains

A core principle at Freymiller is showing our CDL-A drivers that we truly care about their safety. We know that if we take care of you, you’ll be better equipped for a lifelong, rewarding career.

Pre- and post-trip inspections
It may feel tempting to skip the inspections before hitting the road or after you park for the night. However, they can save you some serious headaches down the road and more importantly, they’re your first line of defense against a maintenance issue developing into a safety issue. Pre- and post-trip inspections ensure that integral parts of your truck are in working order including the brakes, suspension system, fluid levels, coupling devices, tires, and your emergency kit.

Route planning
Remember the Five Ps: Poor Planning Produces Poor Performance. Taking the time to plan your route means that you’re sure to have plenty of breaks, will be able to make the most well-informed decisions, and helps your trip go as smoothly as possible.

As you start planning when you’ll take a break along your route, it’s important to space these times out efficiently. Giving yourself time to get out of the cab and stretch your legs for a bit or take a quick 20-minute power nap will help you stay alert while you’re in the driver’s seat, which is imperative for your safety. Route planning also gives you the chance to avoid roadways/bridges you don’t have the appropriate clearance to make it through. It can also aid you in avoiding areas of thick traffic where accidents are more common.

Defensive driving
As professional drivers, you have a lot of experience on the road and have gained some valuable, unique wisdom on driving practices. That isn’t the case for everyone on the road around you. Employing defensive driving can save you from the consequences of what you can’t control: other people’s driving.

  • Be prepared: Drivers can sometimes make erratic decisions. Being aware of this and tuned into the road around you helps insulate you from danger.
  • Check blind spots: Semis unfortunately have significant blind spots. Checking them often to the best of your ability should be a normal part of your driving routine.
  • Watch your following distance: Keeping plenty of space between yourself and the car in front of you gives you more reaction time. This usually equates to at least one second for every 10 feet of vehicle length.
  • Use turn signals: This helps drivers around you understand your movements and react accordingly.
  • Slow down when necessary: Sometimes the best thing you can do is release the gas pedal, especially if you’re ever in doubt about what to do.
  • Stay calm and collected: Rely on the experience you have behind the wheel and be sure of yourself to make the best decisions!

Joining the right carrier
Not every truck driving company puts safety first. At Freymiller, safety is a part of our everyday culture. Freymiller is proud to have been given several Great West Safety Awards in recognition of our company-wide commitment to safety. Our Director of Safety Bill Woolsey helps lead our team into a positive safety culture and promoting a safety-first culture. With this in mind, we’ve created a performance bonus that awards CDL-A drivers up to $0.06 cents per mile with a clean safety record to encourage our drivers toward safe driving practices!

Safety is incorporated into every part of the business model at Freymiller. Is your carrier doing enough to prioritize your well-being? If not, connect with us today and learn more about our amazing driving opportunities.

Seven spring destinations truck drivers need to visit!


As the temperatures get warmer and the days get longer, you may be looking for some ways to spend more time outside. At Freymiller, we care about your satisfaction in and out of the driver’s seat, so we did all the research on the seven best spring destinations for CDL-A drivers.

Florida’s Indian River Lagoon
Florida beaches may be one of the nation’s top vacation spots in the spring and summer. While the beaches give you an opportunity to lay in the sun and relax, they can be a bit crowded, so we wanted to give you a unique option: the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences like kayaking at night on a bioluminescent river, going on an eco-tour in one of the most ecological diverse areas in the nation, and luxurious riverfront dining. If you’re looking for a spring destination unlike any other, visiting Indian River Lagoon is the way to go!

Texas’ Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, this state park is a must-see. With 120 miles of canyon to explore on hiking trails, horseback, mountain bike, or car you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime getting an up-close view of the rugged and beautiful vistas. And since everything is bigger in Texas, we wanted to give you two options for fun vacation destinations in the Lone Star State. Rockport Beach is Texas’ first Blue Wave Beach, meaning its blue waters exceed environmental standards and are perfect for relaxation and recreation.

Oklahoma’s Salt Plains State Park
With our Oklahoman roots, we had to feature one of the most unique spring destinations right here in our home state: Salt Plains State Park in Jet, Oklahoma. The wide-open salt plains are made from an ocean from prehistoric times, making it a unique landscape to hike, fish, and even dig for crystals in! Open from April 1 to mid-October, the crystal dig area is the only place in the world where you can find hourglass-shaped selenite crystal!

Colorado’s Flatirons
Boulder, Colorado is home to some of the most fascinating vistas with the iconic appearance of the slanted sandstone Flatiron mountains. You can hop on hiking trails or just enjoy the view from Boulder, a nearby town that’s been described as “stuck in a ‘60s mindset.” Boulder is full of personality with its art galleries, shops, breweries, cafes, and more! And if the big city is more your speed, Denver is a short 45-minute drive from smalltown Boulder. Enjoy the city’s boutiques, zoo, museums, and top-of-the-line restaurants for the perfect quick city trip!

South Carolina’s Huntington Beach
Do you prefer slow paced vacations? Then this beach in South Carolina is for you! Unlike the state’s top tourism spot, Myrtle Beach, Huntington Beach is all about rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation! Enjoy the coastline, rent a boat for a day, participate in some bird watching, or cast your line from some optimal fishing spots. One Huntington Beach visitor described it as having “beautiful scenery with long unspoiled beaches and clear water,” adding on, “You can’t go wrong with a visit here!”

Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes
Don’t let the name of this spring destination scare you away! Sleeping Bear Dunes isn’t home to any actual bears but is instead named for the shape of the sane dunes. Located in the Lower Peninsula in Michigan, the dunes offer scenic views of Lake Michigan for 35 miles. Have fun exploring the national park which includes forests, beaches, and dune formations you’ll only find in Sleeping Bear. Catching a sunrise or sunset from the dunes and over Lake Michigan is an experience you will never forget!

Now that you’ve got your well-deserved vacation planned, it’s time to get the truck driving career with the pay, home time, and benefits you deserve! Connect with us today to learn more about our driving opportunities.