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Strengthen your faith on the road

Strengthen your faith on the road

Have you been searching for ways to strengthen your faith and support your journey with God while on the road? Freymiller wants our drivers to get the resources they need to walk the path God has made for them. We’ve researched the top four ways CDL-A drivers can grow their faith in OTR.

Many faith-based communities are created specifically for professional drivers to connect and support one another in their faith journey (and their driving journey!) Getting involved with one of these groups is an essential way to maintain your faith while OTR. The Association of Christian Truckers, led by pastor Phil Derstine, works to reach CDL-A drivers across America, sharing the love of God and the good news of the gospel with them.

TFC Global is another organization that understand the specific challenges you may be facing. With a commitment to getting CDL-A drivers and their families the care they need and deserve; this is a great group to get connected with. They have a 24/7, fully confidential prayer line for professional drivers to call at any time. From feelings of isolation in being away from your family to concerns over your safety with so much of your time being spent on U.S. roads and highways, both groups are full of fellow truck drivers ready to rally around you and lift you up.

Podcasts/worship stations
With so much of our world being digital, professional drivers have an advantage in keeping their faith strong while they’re away from home. Podcasts offer the opportunity to be engaged with online devotionals and even sermons. Three of the top faith-based podcasts for truck drivers include Bible Project with pastor Tim Mackie and writer Jon Collins, Fight Hustle, End Hurry with pastor Jon Mark Comer and author Jefferson Bethke, and Pray the Word with author-pastor David Platt. All of these provide listeners with scripture, reflection, and prayer.

Music can be extremely powerful in maintaining your faith journey. Simply tuning into a Christian radio station can provide you with comfort and strength while you’re behind the wheel. Most faith-based radio stations not only play encouraging worship music, but also share stories of faith, resilience, and joy, upping your mood and strengthening your faith at the same time. K-Love and Christian Radio rank as the top two faith-based radio stations.

Live-streamed services
If you already have a home church that you’re committed to, and maybe even your family is continuing to attend while you’re OTR, it’s worth looking into if they live-stream their Sunday services. Many churches transitioned to virtual church during the COVID-19 pandemic and have maintained streaming services to reach a wider group of people. If your home church offers this flexibility, you’ll be able to listen to the same worship songs and sermons as your loved ones, bringing you closer to them and God all at once!

If this isn’t an option for you, no worries. Here are some websites that provide access to live-streamed services. Paul Washer, a renowned Christian evangelist, has a website called Heart Cry that features his most popular sermons and teachings. Internationally syndicated pastor John MacArthur’s Grace to You’s website gets you connected with Biblical expositions and dives deeper into topical studies.

Faith-based books
Another great way to strengthen your faith while OTR is to get immersed in a faith-based book. Whether it be a story of someone else’s faith journey, a devotional, or a research novel on Biblical topics, you’ll be able to grow closer to God and nurture your faith. A quick Amazon search reveals the best sellers in the Christian faith: “A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness” by Gene Edwards, “Know What You Believe” by Paul E. Little, and “Healing Structures” by Kenneth E. Hagin. The top devotional right now is “The Awe of God: The Astounding Way a Healthy Fear of God Transforms Your Life” by John Bevere. Any of these books, or any others on the best sellers list, are sure to strengthen your faith.

Freymiller drivers get behind the wheel knowing that their faith is our top concern. Want a carrier that will support your faith journey while you’re OTR? Connect with us today.