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The Evolution of Freymiller: A Journey of Growth and Innovation

The Evolution of Freymiller: A Journey of Growth and Innovation

Freymiller Trucking has been a leader in the transportation industry for over five decades. During that time, we’ve seen tremendous growth and evolution from our humble beginnings as a small business to one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. Here is a quick overview of the last 50 years at Freymiller.


This is the year Don Freymiller, our founder, bought his first truck. He grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, and with a young family of his own in 1986, he wanted an opportunity to better provide for them.


After 12 years of hard work, determination, and dedication, Don had grown substantially from that one truck. He established Freymiller Trucking, which boasted a 56-truck fleet. And, he had found a specialty: hauling temperature-controlled freight. Don created the strong family atmosphere that would persist for generations at Freymiller, where we know everyone by name and uphold our longstanding company-wide policy of treating others as we would like to be treated. 

Present day

Over 50 years since its beginning, Freymiller is still family owned and operated, with a second generation joining our mission of always going the extra mile for every customer. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oka., Freymiller stands out from the rest because of you: Our dedicated team of employees, drivers, and contractors who work hard to provide our customers with exceptional service and safety on every load. Now, every customer, driver, and employee is backed by the strength of a half-century of experience and our solid, reliable financial position.

Our goal is always to provide top-notch service, supported by a team of professionals who cultivate an environment invested in innovative thinking and problem-solving. Our team is full of highly qualified and motivated members devoted to operating safe and well-maintained equipment and technology that improves productivity and safety. This commitment to a Safety-First culture has gotten us far, and we were honored to be named Oklahoma’s Safest Fleet in 2023.

Our future

In 1968, Freymiller’s core values began to take shape with the purchase of that first truck. Safety, professionalism, integrity, and excellence have driven us for over 50 years and allowed us to become North America’s leading trucking company, providing customers with the most reliable temperature-controlled equipment and time-sensitive service. But what drives us more than anything? Quality, and doing what’s right. We’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve created with our customers, team members, and vendors and look forward to the future at Freymiller.

Come be part of the 50 years of professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Learn more about our driving opportunities today.